How to buy tickets?

Note: You will need to follow these steps to buy MMT

1. Set up your own MetaMask wallet. How to set up your MetaMask wallet?

2. Buy some ETH to pay for MMT and the gas fee. How to buy ETH?

3. Swap some MMT first to purchase tickets.  How to buy MMT?

How to buy tickets using MMT?

1. Select your ticket and add it to the cart.

2. Set up your own MetaMask wallet and buy some ETH for the gas fee and MMT.

3. Fill in your info and ensure you have a valid Ticketmaster account and email to receive the ticket later.

4. Click the connect button to link your MetaMask wallet.

5. Click Deposit to set your limit.

6. MetaMask will be prompted to add a specific Custom spending cap. This allows you to limit the amount of tokens you are giving the contract permission to use.

7. Ensure you have enough ETH for the gas fee and click the pay button to pay for the ticket.

8. Congratulations! You will receive a confirmation email and ticket within 24 hours.

Please see the attached video for more help.

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